CoSviG: Dissemination partner for Italian stakeholders

Tue, 31 May, 2022

CoSviG, the Consortium for the Development of Geothermal Areas, is one of the two Italian organizations involved in the GeoSmart consortium. Thanks to its role in geothermal, as a relevant organization engaged to disseminate information and promote technology transfer in this sector, it communicates and promotes the exploitation of technological solutions identified by this Horizon 2020 project, to different Italian stakeholders and authorities. In addition, CoSviG will contribute to the development of policies to support the implementation of project results and it will propose business plans to promote investments on projects that will use GeoSmart innovations.

CoSviG strongly believes in the strategic value of innovations proposed by GeoSmart, both for a further development of geothermal and for the entire energy sector, especially today, with an unprecedented energy and climate crisis looming. Indeed, geothermal energy should not be considered as an alternative that competes with other renewables, but thanks to its programmability, modularity and storability characteristics, it is complementary and can support the energy transition without using raw materials for accumulators or natural gas. Innovations proposed by GeoSmart will help to pave the way towards this model of sustainable energy development.

CoSviG is a public consortium company founded in 1988, to promote the socio-economic development of geothermal areas in Tuscany (Italy) and cooperate with Local Authorities, coordinating their technical and financial fulfilments for the use of royalties from geothermal power generation. CoSviG offers today a wide range of services and has an important role as operational arm of its shareholders (geothermal municipalities and the Region of Tuscany), enhancing efforts to promote a local development model, grounded on sustainability and economic vocations of territories. The Consortium plays an active role to disseminate information and news on geothermal energy, through the newsletter GeotermiaNews and with articles on energy sector magazines.

At local level, it also works to attract investments on direct use of geothermal heat and to promote renewables in general, with several initiatives. Besides, CoSviG manages structures for applied research and for the technology transfer: SestaLab, a real scale test areas for Gas Turbine combustion chambers, and the CEGLab, a center of advanced expertise in geothermal energy, which aims to characterize resources and promote and support the use of heat from the underground.

At regional level, CoSviG manages the Technology Cluster on Energy and Green Economy of the Tuscany region (DTE2V), which groups about 160 organizations, including those involved in the geothermal supply chain, with the aim of strengthen the competitiveness of companies establishing a bridge between research and companies.

In order to pursue its objectives of promoting geothermal and facilitating technology transfer processes, CoSviG is also involved in several associations, platforms and projects at national and international level.

Article Courtesy: CoSviG