GeoSmart Newsletter Published

Wed, 23 March, 2022

The GeoSmart consortium is pleased to publish the 2nd issue of its Newsletter with some interesting articles on: 

GeoSmart and the European electricity market 

Checkout the factsheet from the consortium that investigates how geothermal powerplants connect to the European electricity market. Click here.

Eastern European Interview with geothermal stakeholders

Our partners in METU reached out to stakeholders in Eastern Europe for opinions on socio-economic and technical aspects of GeoSmart. The stakeholders were experts from academia, research centers, private sectors, development banks, consultancy firms etc. Click here.

The Balmatt project and bringing geothermal to Belgium

This blog presents the process of stakeholder engagement that led to the construction of the Balmatt geothermal plant in Mol (Belgium). VITO started the Balmatt project in November 2019 to give a new impetus to the development of deep geothermal energy in the northern part of Belgium. Click here

For other news on the project:

Download the full issue here .